Carrington's Pump House
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The Pumphouse: a pub, where a gambler ghost lives

The Pumphouse, located off Carrington Road in downtown Auckland, is a vibrant gathering place for locals and visitors alike. As one of the oldest pubs in Auckland, The Pumphouse offers classic pub fare with an edge, perfect for a night out on the town or just relaxing during the day. Enjoy an ice-cold beer, some of the best local wines, and delicious pub classics. The Pumphouse also hosts live music, darts nights, and pool tournaments so there's always something going on. And with its unique atmosphere, great food and drinks, and friendly staff, it's no wonder why it is a favorite spot of many locals and visitors alike. There is a legend about the old bar building. Jack Foster was a Pumphouse founder 200 years ago and locals believe his ghost is still there. This man is conceded to be the most successful gambler in New Zealand history, he has never lost! Nowadays Sol Casino players and users of other platforms come to the pub in hope of seeing the ghost. Players of chance think he will give them incredible luck.

Mystery casino ghosts

Many gamblers in history have gone down in legend for their daring wagers and risky bets. In some cases, these stories are said to be still around today, haunting the places where they made their fortunes or lost them all.

One such story comes from the Mississippi Delta region of the United States. It tells of a gambler named John who was said to be unbeatable at cards. He became known as John the Great and attracted people from miles around to compete against him in high-stakes games of poker.

The story has it that one night while playing a game with a man he'd never met before - his luck ran out. Nowadays, it is so simple and pleasant to play at Sol Casino, the platform is far safer than playing with unknown people. The mysterious stranger won hand after hand, taking all of John's money. In a fit of rage and frustration, John jumped from the balcony of the saloon where they were playing, taking his own life in an instant.

To this day, people claim to hear a strange sound coming from the saloon late at night - like a shuffling deck of cards. They say it's John the Great, coming back to haunt the saloon and take revenge on anyone who tries to beat him at cards.

The legacy of gambling-related supernatural activity has been passed down for generations, and its influence can still be felt in the modern world. Many people claim to have had paranormal experiences while at Sol Casino gambling, from seeing strange figures in the background to cards that seem to be controlled by an unseen force. No matter what users’ beliefs, one thing is for sure: the legacy of casino players and their ghosts will continue to captivate gamblers. 

Supernatural gamblers’ beliefs

Online casino users have a wide variety of mystery traditions that they use to increase their chances of success. Many believe in the power of superstition, such as carrying a lucky charm. Customers may also utilize numerology and astrology to forecast potential outcomes for different games. Some visitors might come up with their unique rituals, such as always playing at Sol Casino at a specific time of day or adhering to certain clothing choices. Of course, these are all just old-fashioned superstitions and there is no scientific evidence that any of them increase the odds of winning. However, for many gamblers, these traditions provide an extra layer of comfort and help to enhance the casino experience.

Furthermore, many people take part in traditions that involve actual gameplay. For example, some might set a specific limit on how much they want to win or lose in each session and follow this guideline religiously. Others may choose only to wager on activities with a certain house edge or bankroll, or they might opt to play exclusively on certain days of the week. A lot of Sol Casino lovers even have a system that involves betting on specific numbers or sets of numbers. They do it to increase their chances of taking home some winnings.


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